Imaging and reporting

The images and reports of the research that took place at Open MRI Zen are easily accessible via the web-based application of MyVue Carestream. This online platform can be reached via https://myvue.openmrizen.com

The first time you need to log in using the link sent to you. This will be sent to the e-mail address you provided during your registration for your research. The e-mail will contain the one-time password that you must use when registering for the first time. You will immediately be asked to create a new password. Remember this well for all future times.

After logging in, you will be asked for a four-digit access code. You will receive this unique code directly by SMS and is only valid for twenty minutes.

In the future you can log in directly at https://myvue.openmrizen.com with your username and personal password.

Every time you log in, you will receive a new SMS code.

Your referring doctor or healthcare provider will receive a personal link to consult the images and the report. If you want to go to another doctor or give someone else access to your images and report, you can do this yourself by clicking on this icon in the bottom right-hand corner:


You only need the recipient's e-mail address. You can also contact us and we will do this for you.

The studies remain available for 90 days. If the images need to be consulted after these 90 days, please contact us. We renew them for another 90 days.

The MRI examinations are reviewed by Open MRI Zen radiologists who report on their findings. The reporting takes place within 24 hours following the investigation.

The ultrasound examinations are performed by the radiologists themselves and the reporting is done within 12 hours following the examination. This also applies to the reporting of ultrasound-guided interventions. After the ultrasound examination you will always receive oral feedback from the radiologist regarding the findings of the examination.

The images can be consulted shortly after the investigation.

The radiologists will always contact your referrer by telephone to determine a serious unexpected deviation from your MRI examination.