Dutch patients

What do you need?

  • ID, driving licence or proof of insurance
  • A request letter or referral for an ultrasound and/or MRI examination from a hospital or referring physician

Insurance and reimbursement: how it works
If you have a referral from your general practitioner, your health insurance will cover 75%-100% of your treatment. We will reimburse the remaining 25% - 0% for you. So you pay nothing extra. We work together with all Dutch health insurers and you do not pay any personal contribution for non-contracted care either. We will immediately* submit a claim with your health insurer and you will only pay the deductible excess, if applicable, just as you would in any other hospital.

*As of 1st January 2019, the following health insurers no longer accept invoices directly from us: CZ, OHRA, Nationale Nederlanden, PZP, ENO and Holland Zorg. You will need to send the invoice for your treatment to your health insurer yourself. See the appendix for more information. Of course, you don't pay any personal contribution with these Health Insurers either.

Referral letter
In order to be reimbursed for the care covered by the basic package, you will need a referral letter from your general practitioner or specialist. Always bring this referral letter with you to every appointment. Without this referral letter, we will not be able to provide the treatment as reimbursed care, even if it concerns a condition that falls under the basic package. In that case, the care can only take place as so-called non-reimbursed care.

Restitution policy or In-kind policy
If you have an insurance policy with full coverage, the so-called "Restitutiepolis" (Restitution policy), the medically necessary care will also be fully reimbursed if performed by a non-contracted health insurer. If you have limited coverage, under the so-called "Naturapolis" (In-kind policy), please contact us for more information about procedures, applications and reimbursements for your health insurer and policy. The policy conditions of your health insurance also state the level of compensation you are entitled to. The deductible excess applies to both the Reimbursement policy and the In-kind policy.

For health insurers with which Open MRI Zen has not entered into a contract, please consult our standard fees (the so-called "Passantentarieven").

No-show rate

If you don't show up for an MRI examination at the time of your appointment without cancelling it 24 hours in advance, the cost of the examination (the booked time slot) will be charged to you.